Pathways & Support for Talented Educators

There is nothing more important in the classroom than a caring, inspired teacher. The Chamberlin Family Foundation invests in West Contra Costa not-for-profit organizations that recruit, develop and retain the area’s best educators. In 2015 and 2016, our grants directly supported hiring one in four new public school teachers and recruiting or training one in six new public school principals.

To more directly support educators, the Foundation also funds hundreds of Inspiration Grants and Gratitude Grants each year.

New Leaders has trained dozens of teachers to be leaders and principals in the West Contra Costa Unified School District. The program is a nationally recognized pathway for professional development. It targets educators who are eager to make a greater impact in the classroom and beyond.

New Leaders is a rigorous program designed to drive change at the school and system level. Ten percent of principals in West Contra Costa are now New Leaders principals!

Teach for America-Richmond works to recruit and train teachers for West Contra Costa schools. Teach for America helps bring roughly 50 new educators to the district each year. The goal is to bring an increasingly diverse teaching force into the community, including former West Contra Costa students who return home to teach.

The program helps address California’s teacher shortage by creating a robust pathway for talent, especially in our highest need schools.

Gratitude Grants is a Chamberlin Family Foundation program that gives up to $100,000 each year through $250 direct-to-teacher grants. West Contra Costa educators use the grants to buy books, paper, or technology – whatever they most need in their classrooms to serve students.

More than 40 public schools in West Contra Costa benefit from the grants.

Inspiration Grants support a principal’s ideas for a vibrant education. In the past, our $2,000 grants have supported professional development for teachers and in one case, a partnership with a local theater.

Through our Inspiration Grants, the Foundation can reach more than 60 principals at West Contra Costa public schools every year.