Direct Support to High-Potential Schools

Public schools across West Contra Costa should be safe environments with high academic expectations and outcomes for students. We extend grants to both district schools and not-for-profit charter schools that have potential to be exceptional. In 2015 and 2016, our Foundation provided funds to three in five West Contra Costa public schools.

A few of the schools that receive Chamberlin Family Foundation funds include:

Verde Elementary School

Verde Elementary School, a district school in North Richmond, had a plan to build a leadership team to support its focus on growth and high achievement. The Chamberlin Family Foundation provided a grant to help support the addition of a talented Vice Principal who would help students and teachers excel. The Vice Principal, added in the 2016-17 school year, now offers foundational support, mentorship and coaching to all teachers at Verde Elementary.

Chavez Elementary School

The Chamberlin Family Foundation provided a $50,000 grant to Chavez Elementary School, a district school in Richmond, to implement the Principal’s vision for student writing and educator development. This grant allows teachers to collaborate meaningfully and work alongside experts to achieve dramatic gains in student literacy.

Leadership Public Schools: Richmond

Leadership Public Schools: Richmond, a free, open-enrollment charter high school, has high expectations for each student’s personal character and academic gains. The principal felt that the needs of English Language Learner students weren’t being met, and used a Foundation grant to close the gap. LPS: Richmond firmly believes that “better is possible,” and has a goal to send 100% of its students to and through college.

Montalvin Manor Elementary School
& Richmond College Prep

The talented, visionary principals of Montalvin Manor and Richmond College Prep knew they could soar to new heights by working with a leadership coach who brings deep expertise and experience running a high performing school. The Chamberlin Family Foundation recruited and funds an exemplary former principal with experience leading an outstanding elementary school to provide regular, one-on-one coaching during the 2017-18 school year.

School Campuses

Through a sister not-for-profit, the Chamberlins have supported the construction of school buildings in West Contra Costa. In response to great local demand, Summit Public Schools and Aspire Public Schools are now serving more than 1,000 students on these campuses. Both schools are demonstrating the ability to innovate and prove that kids can achieve at much higher levels.