“Dr. Louise Bay Waters, the Superintendent of Leadership Public Schools (LPS), recently shared some of the challenges that the co-located school communities of LPS Oakland R&D and Castlemont face: Student trauma. 16-year-old Newcomer students with large gaps in schooling. The difficulty of convincing families to send their children to a school in East Oakland when they are convinced there are better options outside the neighborhood.

LPS Oakland R&D, a locally grown Oakland charter public school, and Castlemont High School, an OUSD district school with a deep history in the neighborhood, are co-located on a shared campus. So when Dr. Waters spoke about these incredible challenges, she did so in the context of finding solutions together. Sharing resources and working together to make the campus a community hub. Putting the needs of students above anything else. Not “spending time as adults fighting with each other” because one school is a district school and the other a charter school. Not just making the shared campus work, but making it thrive. And above all, partnering to prepare students to succeed after they graduate, in college and career. ‘We put our minds together,’ Waters said.”

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