West Contra Costa Students Thrive at Summit K2

Summit Public Schools developed a model that’s different than what students are used to, but ultimately presents an opportunity for empowerment and college readiness for all.

Strong Support from Students & Teachers

Middle school is a time of growth and change. It can often feel daunting and nerve-wracking. This was no exception for Calvin when he enrolled at Summit K2 for 8th grade.

“I was thinking, ‘I’m not going to have any friends, I’m going to fail my classes. I’m doomed,’” says Calvin, who now looks back on his first few days with a smile. “But I was wrong.”

Calvin not only made friends, he became part of a diverse community of students and teachers centered on learning. He calls K2 a “big family,” where each individual feels supported and valued.

Summit K2 will meet students where they are, and catch them up to grade level. The school’s rigorous academic culture means hard work every day. School is demanding, but students are provided with the resources to be successful.


Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a central component of Summit’s approach. Each student has a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) and can move through the course content independently. Teachers coach students, based on their individual needs, and help them to meet critical academic standards.

Before attending Summit K2, Talia struggled with lecture-style classes. She often felt rushed, as teachers moved through lessons before she understood the material. She wasn’t alone. Now, using her PLP, Talia can direct her own learning. She moves ahead when she’s ready, and doubles back when she needs to.

“When I come across something I don’t understand, I can pause. I can stop where I am, watch a video on the topic, ask a classmate, quiz myself or talk to my mentor,” Talia says. “There’s so much support for what I need.”

Ready for the Future

Talia has excelled at Summit K2, where she is a straight-A student. She talks about her academic goals with great confidence. “I’m going to work so that I make straight A’s throughout high school and when I’m a senior, I want to be considered for Valedictorian of my class,” says Talia. “Then I want to go to college and have a career.”

Talia and Calvin have returned to Summit K2 for high school. They know it won’t be easy, but Summit K2 will prepare them for success in college and beyond.

Summit K2 is part of Summit Public Schools, a not-for-profit charter network, founded by Bay Area parents and educators. They had a vision for a school that would help young people, regardless of their life circumstances, to realize their full potential.