Silvana Valle

Program Coordinator

Silvana supports the Foundation team through event planning, special projects, and operations.

Silvana’s interest in education is rooted in her experience growing up in two socioeconomically different California cities: East San Jose and San Carlos. Through this transition, Silvana saw that the quality of a child’s education is too often determined by the level of privilege in a community, and she became energized about changing this reality.

In college, Silvana worked for InPlay, helping create a new online resource that matches Oakland youth with after-school and summer programs. Silvana also led the campus chapter of Students for Education Reform (SFER), beginning her journey for educational justice in West Contra Costa through community organizing and advocacy. She holds a deep belief that every child deserves an excellent and equitable education, and is committed to working towards this goal in the Richmond community.

Silvana recently graduated with a B.A. in Social Welfare and minor in Education from the University of California, Berkeley. Silvana enjoys practicing photography, playing guitar, and exploring new nature landscapes.

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