Instructional Leadership Community of Practice

Direct support for WCCUSD School Leaders

Montalvin Manor K-8 Principal Katherine Acosta-Verprauskus discusses the importance of the Community of Practice.

About the Community of Practice

Since 2018, our Instructional Leadership Community of Practice has brought WCCUSD principals and their teams together to learn research-backed best practices, support each other’s professional development, and build a network of support to improve learning for the students they serve.


The Community of Practice supports principals and instructional leaders to drive academic improvement at their schools.

Through regular convenings and with top-tier coaching, school leaders and teachers develop a shared instructional vision, align school systems and priorities to that vision, and work to make that vision become a daily reality in every classroom.


The Community of Practice centers its professional learning and collaboration around:

  • Building and operationalizing a clear instructional vision aligned to the demands of the Common Core standards

  • Assessing and implementing high-quality curriculum

  • Strengthening teacher observations and feedback

  • Maximizing the impact of teacher collaboration

“It’s always a learning experience.” ⁠— Colette West, Instructional Math and Science Coach, Peres K-8 School.

Participant Profile

The Community of Practice brings together instructional teams that demonstrate a clear desire and strong commitment to elevate instructional rigor and continued student academic growth. Typically these teams include:

  • A highly-motivated school leader who will set a clear instructional vision and a high standard of performance and accountability for themself and their teaching team;
  • An engaged and empowered team of teachers and instructional leaders that is committed to an academically ambitious instructional vision rooted in the demands of the Common Core;
  • A commitment to adopt and implement a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum that achieves the highest quality rating by trusted evaluators.

Participating Schools — 2020-2021

  • Chavez Elementary School
  • Downer Elementary School
  • Helms Middle School
  • Lake Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Michele Obama Elementary School
  • Montalvin Manor K-8 School
  • Murphy Elementary School
  • Nystrom Elementary School
  • Peres K-8 School
  • Stege Elementary School
  • Verde K-8 School

2020 Selection Committee

  • Caroline Damon, Senior Program Officer, Chamberlin Family Foundation
  • Greg Dutton, Dean, Relay GSE Bay Area
  • Melissa Granetz, Leadership Coach, TNTP
  • Mark Lobaco, Math Instructional Specialist, WCCUSD
  • Jeff Rutel, CEO, 102 Group


Through the Community of Practice, educators learn from best-in-class professional development organizations including:


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