Forward Progress in West Contra Costa

The Chamberlin Family Foundation is proud to amplify the impact of West Contra Costa’s most dedicated educators and community leaders. These individuals do outstanding work, often with limited resources, and deserve our recognition.

“RE-MOTIVATED”: How seven WCCUSD principals united to strengthen leadership, improve instruction, and keep each other inspired

  By Justin Warren, Chamberlin Family Foundation   “What’s your commitment to yourself?” That internal question motivated Principal Jessica Petrilli to join a peer learning cohort that has inspired a small group of WCCUSD school leaders to renew their focus on effective teaching and learning. In her fifth year as principal at Helms Middle School, […]

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Calvin & Talia, Summit K2

Calvin and Talia, two of West Contra Costa’s most promising future leaders, are successful high school students at Summit K2. The non-traditional approach to culture and learning at Summit Public Schools has completely changed the way both students feel about school. The results are evident!

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Maribel Lopez

Maribel Lopez, a Teach For America-Richmond alum, started her career in the same elementary school she attended as a six-year-old. Inspired by her own teachers, Maribel began a career in education, first in the classroom, and now working hand-in-hand with other inspired parents.

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Eric Acosta-Verprauskus

Eric Acosta-Verprauskus was raised in a Pennsylvania coal-mining town, joined Teach For America-Richmond and has been here serving students ever since. He thrived in the New Leaders development programs, and is now proud to be the principal at North Richmond's Verde Elementary School.

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