Summit Public Schools serve over 500 students in West Contra Costa county through two local schools: Summit K2 and Summit Tamalpais. 

“A leading charter school organization is combining what many regard as two of the most promising education innovations to prepare a new generation of teachers for California and the nation.

Summit Public Schools, which operates 11 schools in California and Washington State, has established what are called teacher “residencies,” innovative training programs based on the medical residency model that enables new doctors to work under the supervision of an experienced physician. In the case of teacher residencies, teachers-in-training work closely with an experienced teacher for an entire school year.

But what sets Summit’s residency program apart from others — the second innovation — is that it immerses teaching candidates in an approach to instruction called personalized learning that allows students to work and progress at their own pace, often using online instruction and gives teachers the time to give them more individualized attention.”

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