Enthusiastic for exposure to new ideas, West Contra Costa educators and community members visited some of the Bay Area’s top schools in a series of tours this spring.

Designed as a learning opportunity, the full-day tours included classroom visits in addition to roundtable discussion with the teachers and principals of the host school. In frank, open conversations, schools exchanged ideas about successes, challenges, and best practices that could be replicated or adjusted.

As one teacher put it, “It gave our team perspective on challenges we have at our school, but also inspired us about what’s possible.”

Tour participants visited diverse schools from as close as Oakland and San Francisco all the way to Gilroy. Each host school has a unique model that allows them to achieve remarkable academic outcomes, particularly for historically underserved students. Learn more about each school and their “spotlight” areas below (click for details):

Nearly 40 West Contra Costa educators participated in the tours, taking back learnings to 14 schools across our community:

  • Bayview Elementary
  • Chavez Elementary
  • Helms Middle
  • Korematsu Middle
  • Leadership Public Schools – Richmond
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Montalvin Manor Elementary
  • Murphy Elementary
  • Ohlone Elementary
  • Peres Elementary
  • Richmond College Prep
  • Stege Elementary
  • Verde Elementary
  • Wilson Elementary