About Us

Our Mission The Chamberlin Family Foundation supports the people, policies, and practices that strengthen public schools for students in West Contra Costa.


About Us

The Chamberlin Family Foundation envisions a public school system that provides a free, high-quality education to every student in West Contra Costa.

We believe that every student, particularly those who have been chronically underserved, have a right to high-quality teachers, classrooms and campuses that ensure they can reach their full potential.


  • Encourage the use of research-backed best practices in education
  • Support ambitious, results-oriented principals and instructional leaders 
  • Leverage data to inform decision-making that benefits student growth
  • Work in partnership with schools and community leaders to promote sustainable success



Founded in 2006 to help improve public school education in West Contra Costa, the Chamberlin Family Foundation believes that investments in local public schools are central to students’ long-term success. 

Our Staff

Dr. Stefanie Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
Minnie Setty
Chief Program Officer
Caroline Damon
Senior Program Officer
Justin Warren
Sr. Director of Communications

Guiding Principles

Understand what district students, parents and teachers need. We listen to those with deep roots in the community and the closest connections to our young people. We also study public education across the country to see what’s successful for students in other communities.

Support conditions that enable students, educators and schools to thrive. Based on what we’ve learned about the community’s needs, we support people, schools and ideas that are transformative for students. 

Analyze results to accelerate progress. We study the results of our efforts and the progress of West Contra Costa students, and use that data to improve the efficacy of future grants. Our efforts will continue until there’s an excellent public school for every child in every neighborhood.

Dr. Stefanie Phillips

“The north star of making an excellent school in every neighborhood is really what it’s all about.”